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Our Build & Author methodology helps you build authentic narrative, positive muscle, thought processes & solutions to challenges. It employs scientifically validated interventions from constructivism, positive psychology, design thinking & serious play.

Building authentic narrative


Following career & life constructivist theory, Build & Author helps construct your personal narrative by:

  • Constructing micro-narratives from real-life experience;

  • De-constructing limiting ideas & false beliefs in these narratives;

  • Re-constructing a macro-narrative that brings about new realizations;

  • Co-constructing an action plan that allows us to further re-vision our identities through active experimentation.

Building 'positive muscle'


Build & Author uses positive psychology - the science of what makes life worth living - for building positive habits to thrive in the face of negativity:

  • Slowing down to listen to your self and notice nascent possibility;

  • Considering different ‘ways of knowing’ that can help you find purpose & meaning;

  • Learning to become more resilient to exterior sources that threaten your need for love, safety & belonging.

Building (sub)conscious thought

Build & Author uses the LEGO Serious Play facilitation method to elicit conscious & sub-conscious thoughts, thereby enhancing:

  • Communication – using the hand-brain connection as a search engine of your subconscious mind;

  • Problem-solving – building your stories enhances understanding your reality and allows you to solve problems with greater speed, creativity & engagement;

  • Purposeful engagement – self-assembly enhances efficacy and making meaning.

Click here to learn more about LEGO Serious Play

Building your way forward

Design thinking is a problem-solving process to help people solve their issues, meet their needs, achieve their goals, and improve their lives.

Build & Author uses design thinking as a way of re-framing the way you view the world and deal with change, eliminating dysfunctional beliefs while 'building your way forward' into possible futures as designers would - using prototypes & experiments.

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