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Shape your future...

before it shapes you

Using scientifically validated interventions, we offer coaching & consulting services for building self-authorship in the face of change so you or your organization can actively steer your work, career, life, or employees towards purpose, growth & well-being.

Is change shaping you?

Do you find yourself struggling to manage the course of your job, career, or life in the face of a transition or setback (e.g., divorce, illness/death, upheaval, midlife blues, or job loss)?

In transition - which describes how you experience change - it is common to feel unfulfilled (with work and/or others); a lack of control or direction; stuck in ways that never seemed to fit (or no longer fit), and/or desperate (e.g., unable to find your mojo).


Yet transitions follow predictable patterns. Once you understand this, you can actively shape your work, career, organization, or life towards purpose, growth & well-being - instead of being shaped by it.

We help you shape your future

Actively shaping your (or your organization's) future starts with creating the possibility of choice and the ability to choose well in order to 'make a mark'.


At Live Only Twice, we call this self-authorship. We help you or your & organization in mid-career, mid-life, or mid-cycle build self-authorship by connecting your past, present & future - 3 perspectives core to your development & well-being. Self-authorship enhances your ability to steer your work, life, or organization towards purpose, growth & well-being in the face of change.

Self-authorship doesn't happen by just talking about it, but also by building it. Putting together small LEGO models based on your little life stories creates insights; it also facilitates learning, and enhances agency, efficacy & confidence. No creativity required.

Our building blocks:*

  • 10 weekly 1-hour sessions to suit your schedule (face-to-face or online) plus 1 free follow-up session upon completion;

  • Proprietary Build & Author method for building:

    • Your authentic narrative

    • Your 'positive muscle'

    • Your conscious & sub-conscious thought

    • Your potential solutions to change & challenge

  • Scientifically validated interventions from cutting-edge fields to spur growth, purpose & well-being.

* Applies to individual clients; organizations TBA

You will come away with:*

  • Unforgettable images & insights into who you are, what energizes, engages & excites you, and where you might go

  • Foundational tools for enhancing self-authorship:

    • [Looking back] your life portrait (outlining, among others, your identity, explicit & implicit beliefs & key challenge)

    • [Looking around] your purpose, strengths, values & resilience factors

    • [Looking ahead] your possible futures, choices & pathways for getting there

  • Mindsets for attaining self-authorship (intrinsic self-confidence, motivation, agency & efficacy)

  • You will also receive:

    • Well-being exercises & prompts

    • Mini set of LEGO blocks for exercises

    • Optional email/SMS support


* Applies to individual clients; organizations TBA